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2001-02-27 Dirty "Yeanheard" [The Pimp & Da Gangsta]
You babysittin', shit, you tryin' to hog all the dope
2003-09-30 Dirty "24 Inches Woodgrain Grippin" [Love Us Or Hate Us]
We got niggas that smoke dro, push bricks and elbows
2003-02-25 Dirty "Lose Control (Candyman Pt. 2)" feat. Mr. Blue, Silk [Keep It Pimp & Gangsta]
Cuffin' and pullin' out my hair
2001-02-27 Dirty "Ride" feat. Khao [The Pimp & Da Gangsta]
Chiefing all the time, blazing on an ounce
2001-02-27 Dirty "Candyman" [The Pimp & Da Gangsta]
Dirty skeez, won't you freeze at ease
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2000-12-12 Primetime "U-Turn" feat. Dirty, Partners-N-Crime [Hound Out]
I told ya, brah, the broad out that Nolia, brah

origin: Montgomery, Alabama, USA