Denzel Curry
Denzel Curry

cited at 14 senses as a primary artist, including:

2015-06-09 Denzel Curry "32 Ave Intro" [32 Zel]
Face it, you get wasted like it's GTA
2016-03-10 Denzel Curry "Knotty Head" feat. Rick Ross [Imperial]
Sleep is the cousin of death, no NY, but my state of mind
2016-03-10 Denzel Curry "Good Night" feat. Nell, Twelve'len [Imperial]
People still be livin shife
2022-01-24 Denzel Curry "Walkin" [Walkin]
They form and break out nickel-plated chrome Berettas
2016-03-10 Denzel Curry "Knotty Head" feat. Rick Ross [Imperial]
211's broad day, I had to live a life of crime
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2018-04-06 Flatbush Zombies "The Glory" feat. Denzel Curry [Vacation In Hell]
Gonna need nine lives if you get outta pocket
2015-03-03 DJ EFN "Lane 2 Lane" feat. Denzel Curry, Gunplay [Another Time]
Your homies phony, and your bitch is just a greasy thot
2019-10-25 Guapdad 4000 "Izayah" feat. Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats, Key!, Maxo Kream [Dior Deposits]
When these fuckboys gon' come try, and it's finna be that day

origin: Carol City, Florida, USA