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1999 Defari "Say It Twice" [Say It Twice]
2003-07-15 Defari "Slumpy" [Odds & Evens]
Spank white Nikes, so fresh and so tight
2003-07-15 Defari "Pour More Likwit" feat. J-Ro [Odds & Evens]
When I push from Diego to Oaktown I use the 5
2003-07-15 Defari "Los Angelinos" feat. Evidence [Odds & Evens]
Dreamin to be from the 213, 310, 818, 323
2003-07-15 Defari "Spell My Name" [Odds & Evens]
3-1-0 king, yeah, that nigga ill with wordplay
2003-07-15 Defari "Pour More Likwit" feat. J-Ro [Odds & Evens]
As a 3-1-0 king, 3-2-3 star
2000 Defari "Joyride" [Joyride / Keep It On The Rise Pt. II / I Can't Wait (L.A. City)]
Slow creeper to the top, street sweep the whole spot
1999-02-09 Defari "Keep It On The Rise" [Focused Daily]
Bound by honor, rollin mad bags of skama
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2000-02-18 Sway & King Tech "Defari Freestyle" feat. Defari [Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 5]
My man, what da dealy
2001-06-19 Chico & Coolwadda "Wild 'n Tha West" feat. Defari, Juice, Kurupt [Wild 'n Tha West]
This where the hip hoppers and the thugs meet
2006-02-21 Dilated Peoples "Olde English" feat. Defari [20/20]
Thank God I never focused on hustlin crack!
2000-12-12 Xzibit "Rimz & Tirez" feat. Defari, Goldie Loc, Kokane [Restless]
I be coastin and be coastin, hittin three wheel motion
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