De La Soul
De La Soul

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1996-07-07 De La Soul "Intro" [Stakes Is High]
Big four gets the zootie for the self
1991-05-13 De La Soul "Let, Let Me In" [De La Soul Is Dead]
With that onion between your thighs
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Betta Listen" [Stakes Is High]
Somethin 'bout her lit me up like July, and with them onions in the pants, I couldn't help but cry
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Itzsoweezee" [Stakes Is High]
Why you acting all spicy and sheisty
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Long Island Degrees" [Stakes Is High]
It's Strong Island for real, the diagnosis is supreme
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Wonce Again Long Island" [Stakes Is High]
I likes to make it known, Strong Island stylin
1996-07-07 De La Soul "The Bizness" feat. Common [Stakes Is High]
That's how we do it, all the way from Strong Island to Chicago
1996-07-07 De La Soul "Sunshine" [Stakes Is High]
L.I.'s finest is movin' yo' necks at shows
2004-10-05 De La Soul "Verbal Clap" [The Grind Date]
The heavyweight L.I. brother with no date of expiration
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1996-10-11 Bush Babees "The Love Song Remix" feat. De La Soul, Mos Def [Gravity]
Out of the seven-eighteen, we meet the fifty-one-six on all sides
1996-10-11 Bush Babees "The Love Song Remix" feat. De La Soul, Mos Def [Gravity]
Word is born, pot holes, I'll stomp a cannon in your lawn
2000-04-18 Tony Touch "What's That (Que Eso)" feat. De La Soul, Mos Def [The Piece Maker]
You know my stilo, cigarillo con tamarindo
1997-09-30 Common "Gettin' Down At The Amphitheater" feat. De La Soul [One Day It'll All Make Sense]
I was the one who killed wackness, so I had to do a bid
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2000-05-23 Dilated Peoples "Ear Drums Pop" [The Platform]
I'm buildin' with that science that De La dropped
2006-10-24 De La Soul "Freedom Train" [The Impossible: Mission TV Series - Pt. 1]
Yo, De La to the death, I'm high post
2010-02-16 Freeway & Jake One "Throw Your Hands Up" [The Stimulus Package]
We bringin y'all original flavor, raised off De La

origin: Long Island, New York, USA