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1990-05-14 D-Nice "A Few Dollars More" [Call Me D-Nice]
All I could see is a crackhead or a goddamned crook
1990-05-14 D-Nice "And You Don't Stop" [Call Me D-Nice]
The BDP posse in full effect with Ms. Melodie
1990-05-14 D-Nice "It's All About Me" [Call Me D-Nice]
Area code eight-oh-eight, and I might teach you how to rhyme on beat
1990-05-14 D-Nice "It's All About Me" [Call Me D-Nice]
Talk about your crew, right down to your skeezer
1990-05-14 D-Nice "Pimp of The Year" [Call Me D-Nice]
She thought she was all that, but y'all know what time it is
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1987-03-03 Boogie Down Productions "South Bronx" [Criminal Minded]
The human TR-808, D-Nice