D-Block Europe
D-Block Europe

cited at 6 senses as a primary artist, including:

2019-02-15 D-Block Europe "Home Alone" feat. Deno, Swarmz [Home Alone]
You like the soft moods, shiny Loubs
2019-02-15 D-Block Europe "Intro" feat. Lil Pino [Home Alone]
Adidas had to hit me up to get me out my Loubs
2019-09-27 D-Block Europe "Bando On The Satnav" [PTSD]
I got my blicky on me, Dior lookin' drippy on me
2019-09-27 D-Block Europe "Nookie" feat. Lil Baby [PTSD]
Money too long, figures longer than your last man
2021-11-19 D-Block Europe "Mood" feat. M Huncho [Home Alone 2]
Burnin' these opps like a furnace
2021-11-19 D-Block Europe "Kevin McCallister" feat. Lil Pino [Home Alone 2]
She fuckin' an opp and you stayin' for clout
2019-09-27 D-Block Europe "Thoughts" feat. Krept & Konan [PTSD]
I was dodging the feds in the fattest car
2019-09-27 D-Block Europe "Outside" [PTSD]
She the same pussy when I was runnin' from the feds
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