cited at 60 senses as a primary artist, including:

2007-11-27 CunninLynguists "Georgia" [Dirty Acres]
Plenty meals off juvy hall plates
2001-10-30 CunninLynguists "616 Rewind" feat. Celph Titled, Kashal-Tee, Sankofa, Tonedeff [Will Rap For Food]
From wannabe thugs to 24/7 bitch kids
2011-03-22 CunninLynguists "My Habit (I Haven't Changed)" [Oneirology]
Movin keys, look-a here, watch us flip game
2006-01-24 CunninLynguists "Hellfire" [A Piece of Strange]
Keep rollin like X poppers, see them flames
2014-04-01 CunninLynguists "Miley 3000" [Strange Journey Volume Three]
Hashtag YOLO
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origin: Lexington, Kentucky, USA