Crunch Lo
Crunch Lo
member of: Othorized F.A.M.
2004-01 1.4.0. Productions "Exclusive Darts" feat. Crunch Lo, Lace [Staten Island Stand Up]
I'm the unsigned hype
2002 1.4.0. Productions "Everything U Need" feat. Crunch Lo, Samantha [Skool Yard Funk Art]
I got my grills, bag of meth, and breaking up an owl
2002-07-29 1.4.0. Productions "God Twist" feat. Cheesey Rat, Crunch Lo, Lighter Shade [Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies]
What up, dunn? We feel ya flavor
2002 Dom Pachino "Double Up" feat. Crunch Lo [The Arsenal]
Spit fire and smoke broccoli, ain't a damn thing gon' stop me
2006-08-25 Shawn Wigs "Accapoco Gold" feat. Crunch Lo [The 45 King]
I got five G's, what? Pushas pay, I pay double
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