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2001-08-07 Criminalz "Niggas Like Us" feat. King Bun B [Criminal Activity]
Fuck all of that, I don't bar it, I'mma finish shit if I start it
2001-08-07 Criminalz "Niggas Like Us" feat. Bun B [Criminal Activity]
Nigga, we takin hostages, bully wit a fully and extended clips
2001-08-07 Criminalz "The Real World" [Criminal Activity]
Broke with a 357, thinkin about a 211
2001-08-07 Criminalz "Puttin In Work" [Criminal Activity]
I got hide outs, these bitches is out here catchin the vapors
2001-08-07 Criminalz "Ridaz" [Criminal Activity]
I cock the hammer back on nina, then I let her go
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