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2002-08-20 Clipse "Grindin'" feat. Pharrell Williams [Lord Willin]
Other hand on my nickel-plated whistle, one eye closed, I'll hit you
2002-08-20 Clipse "Grindin'" feat. Pharrell Williams [Lord Willin]
Only big boys keep deuces on the ride
2006-11-28 Clipse "Hello New World" feat. Pharrell Williams [Hell Hath No Fury]
Holdin them boulders, tryin to avoid central booking
2006-11-28 Clipse "Wamp Wamp (What It Do?)" feat. Slim Thug [Hell Hath No Fury]
Tricked a buck fifty on that horse and carriage
2002-08-20 Clipse "Gangsta Lean" [Lord Willin]
Hydroponic that make a weak stomach vomit
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2001-10-30 Jermaine Dupri "Let's Talk About It" feat. Clipse, Pharrell Williams [Instructions]
With the v12, I make that straight killa
2001 Philly's Most Wanted "Street Tax" feat. Clipse [Get Down Or Lay Down]
I graduated from eightballs to blow that's cake-size
2003-10-21 Ginuwine "Hell Yeah (Remix)" feat. Baby, Clipse, R. Kelly [Hell Yeah]
Shake ya moneymaker until the night break up
2006-02-14 Drake "Do What U Do (Remix)" feat. Clipse, Nickelus F [Room For Improvement]
My swagger is chill, and my flow is reclining
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1999 Clipse "Taiwan To Texas" [Exclusive Audio Footage]
The Clipse got all this on lock, swallow the key