cited at 35 senses as a primary artist, including:

2001-05-14 Classified "Yuh Ded Now" feat. Dan-E-O, D-Sisive [Union Dues]
Now I got these college kids who feel me more than backpackers
2005-03-08 Classified "It's Just My Opinion" [Boy-Cott-In the Industry]
So call me a wack rapper, call me a backpacker
2005-03-08 Classified "Unexplainable Hunger" feat. Choclair, Royce Da 5'9 [Boy-Cott-In the Industry]
A nigga named nickel nine, came in with the 9
2006-10-31 Classified "Intro (Here We Go)" [Hitch Hikin' music]
A place where the rappers think they're pimped out and balling
2011-03-22 Classified "Unusual" feat. Joe Budden [Handshakes & Middle Fingers]
Stick-up kids stakin out the block
2009-04-07 Classified "One Track Mind" feat. Joel Plaskett [Self Explanatory]
Only wore clothes with a brand name, bling
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origin: Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada