CL Smooth
CL Smooth

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2006-10-31 CL Smooth "American Me (Intro)" [American Me]
I want the world, my neezy, and everything in it
2006-10-31 CL Smooth "Gorilla Pimpin'" [American Me]
Play the back seat with the owl, the goons on the prowl
2006-10-31 CL Smooth "CL Smooth Unplugged" [American Me]
Real cozy in the V.I., tokin' my cigar
2006-10-31 CL Smooth "CL Smooth Unplugged" [American Me]
The set don't excite me, 'til you get hyphy
2006-10-31 CL Smooth "CL Smooth Unplugged" [American Me]
This is grown man B.I., now the honies see why
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2004-05-11 Pete Rock "Fly Till I Die" feat. CL Smooth, Talib Kweli [Soul Survivor II]
Go get your hate up, get your weight up, I'm tellin' you straight up
1992 Public Enemy "Nighttrain" feat. CL Smooth [Nighttrain / More News At 11]
Leader of the bum rush
1991-07-02 Heavy D & The Boyz "Don't Curse" feat. Big Daddy Kane, CL Smooth, Grand Puba, Kool G Rap, Pete Rock, Q-Tip [Peaceful Journey]
I blew out, get mad lifted
1998-11-10 Pete Rock "Da Two" feat. CL Smooth [Soul Survivor]
Re-up and clock it, drop, and make a profit
1996-04-09 DJ Krush "Only The Strong Survive" feat. CL Smooth [Meiso]
Concealin' a 4 pound with every area
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1992-06-09 Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The Basement" feat. Grap Lover And Dida, Heavy D, Rob-O [Mecca & The Soul Brother]
Yeah, once in a while I be with CL on the DL
1993-04-20 Da Youngsta's "Who's The Mic Wrecka" feat. Pete Rock & CL Smooth [The Aftermath]
It's time to pass the mic down, yo, CL kick the flava
1999-04-27 Mobb Deep "I'm Going Out" [Murda Muzik]
Rap style smoother than CL, in the K on the DL

origin: Mount Vernon, New York, USA