Chuck D
Chuck D

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1996-10-22 Chuck D "Mistachuck" [The Autobiography of Mistachuck]
Here comes the halfstepper, hypocrites, and advocates
1996-10-22 Chuck D "Niggativity... Do I Dare Disturb The Universe" [The Autobiography of Mistachuck]
Getting zooted till your brain's polluted
1996-10-22 Chuck D "Endonesia" feat. B-Wyze, Dow Jonz [The Autobiography of Mistachuck]
From them days in Crooklyn to them Harlem nights
1996-10-22 Chuck D "Talk Show Created The Fool" [The Autobiography of Mistachuck]
Makes me wanna spark l's
1996-10-22 Chuck D "Paid" feat. Kendu, Melquan [The Autobiography of Mistachuck]
Keep it on the low, black
1990 Run-D.M.C. "Back From Hell (Remix)" feat. Chuck D, Ice Cube [Faces]
I'ma sip on some brew with my crew, we was gettin illy, niggas came through actin silly
1990-05-16 Ice Cube "Tales From The Darkside" feat. Chuck D [Amerikkka's Most Wanted]
That's a fact, got a fear on their bozack
1994-06-21 Terminator X "Sticka" feat. Chuck D, Ice Cube, Ice-T, MC Lyte [Super Bad]
How the fuck you think you gonna punk me?
1993-06-22 Professor X "Close The Crackhouse" feat. Big Daddy Kane, Brother J, Chuck D, Digital Underground, Two Kings In A Cipher, Wise Intelligent [Puss 'n Boots (The Struggle Continues...)]
You know the type to be smokin on a crack pipe
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1987-02-10 Public Enemy "Public Enemy No. 1" [Yo! Bum Rush The Show]
1996-10-22 Chuck D "Mistachuck" [The Autobiography of Mistachuck]
Yo, Chuck D is the bomb, god