Chris Ward
Chris Ward

cited at 30 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Hands Up Again" [Veteran Rookie]
Four fo' pounders is what I bench press
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Bonus Track" feat. Godfather, H.A.W.K., Mike D [Veteran Rookie]
In H-town we got them cakes, brah
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Hey!!!" feat. Killa Kyleon [Veteran Rookie]
Known for spitting flows and acting retarded
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Hands Up Again" [Veteran Rookie]
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "I Got That..." [Veteran Rookie]
I got that thuggish flow, cause I'm thuggish hoe
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2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "Dirty Southside" feat. Chris Ward, H.A.W.K. [Year of The Underdawgs]
This is the home of the shife, thugs and killas caught up in the street life
2004-10-26 Lil' Keke "Street Life" feat. Chris Ward [Currency]
Trying to hustle some extras here and now, living life troublesome
2004 S.L.A.B. "Niggas In Tha Game" feat. Chris Ward, Lil' O, Skrilla [Volume 4]
It ain't over, you got it coming in the war, I don't bar
1999-05-18 Big Pokey "Hands Up" feat. Chris Ward, H.A.W.K. [Hardest Pit In The Litter]
So much ice on my wrist, I think my arm frostbit
2000-01-04 H.A.W.K. "World Come 2 An End" feat. Chris Ward, Godfather [Under Hawk's Wings]
Frostbit, so you can skate on my wrists
2005-07-12 Slim Thug "Boyz N Blue" feat. Chris Ward, Killa Kyleon, PJ, Sir Daily [Already Platinum]
I suggest that you chill with that plex shit
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2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Hands Up Again" [Veteran Rookie]
C-weez bout scrill, blowing trees out the De Ville
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Hands Up Again" [Veteran Rookie]
2006-11-07 Big Pokey & Chris Ward "Welcome 2 Texas" feat. Screwed Up Click [Mob 4 Life]
Chris Ward's the name, and I'm 3rd coast born

origin: Houston, Texas, USA