Chevy Woods
Chevy Woods

cited at 2 senses as a primary artist, including:

2015-04-09 Chevy Woods "Do This All The Time" feat. Juicy J [Gangland 2]
I’m getting on that ace of spades, you niggas drink Smirnoff
2015-04-09 Chevy Woods "Aunts n Uncles" feat. Wiz Khalifa [The Cookout]
Start shitting on niggas properly getting them figures
2011-02-17 Wiz Khalifa "Homicide" feat. Chevy Woods [Cabin Fever]
Presidential shit, tints on the whip
2013-01-28 Wiz Khalifa "Thuggin'" feat. Chevy Woods, Lavish [Cabin Fever 2]
Kush to roll by the onion
2014-08-19 Wiz Khalifa "Still Down" feat. Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla $ign [Blacc Hollywood]
Still down with my A1 niggas, hell yeah, I'm still down
2012-10-16 Wiz Khalifa "Thuggin" feat. Chevy Woods, Lavish [Cabin Fever 2]
If you bugged out, they gon' spray you
2016-02-05 Wiz Khalifa "No Permission" feat. Chevy Woods [Khalifa]
I got a old school-ass car you can sit in
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