2009-03-24 Rapper Big Pooh "Roll Call" feat. Chaundon, Joe Scudda, Jozeemo [Delightful Bars]
As long niggas balling, Jo' Gutta still jooking
2005-09-13 Little Brother "We Got Now" feat. Chaundon [The Minstrel Show]
In the sands on the beach mixin drinks wit Belvy
2005-06-07 Little Brother "Starvation" feat. Chaundon [The Chittlin Circuit 1.5]
My arrogance got me walkin with a mean swagger
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Boondock Saints" feat. Chaundon, L.E.G.A.C.Y. [Separate But Equal]
Left the seven-one-eight for the nine-nineteen
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Speed Racin'" feat. Chaundon, Skyzoo [Separate But Equal]
Havin an imaginary burner can't do shit
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2008 Rapper Big Pooh "Plastic Cups" feat. Chaundon, Joe Scudda [Rapper's Delight]
Chaundon, boogie down's in the house, and I'm done!