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2007-02-14 Cam'Ron "Curtis (50 Cent Diss)" [Curtis]
I fuck with Zoe Pound too, what up? Sak pase?
2000-09-19 Cam'Ron "Come Kill Me" [S.D.E.]
Now murk out, before you get cursed out
2002-05-14 Cam'Ron "Oh Boy" feat. Juelz Santana [Come Home With Me]
Be on the block with my boy with the rock or the boy, when the cops come. Squalie!
2009-05-12 Cam'Ron "Spend The Night" [Crime Pays]
Let's get this guacamole, you feeling hot, then hold me
2004-12-07 Cam'Ron "Hey Lady" feat. Freekey Zekey [Purple Haze]
Look, wild thing, I do wild things, make China stretch like Yao Ming
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1998-11-10 R. Kelly "We Ride" feat. Cam'Ron, Jay-Z, Noreaga [R.]
Thugged-out, yo, all my people givin' eye jammies
2003 Juelz Santana "Dipset (Santana's Town)" feat. Cam'Ron [From Me To U]
I'm in the low BM yeah, with your old BM
2010-03-05 Fabolous "Body Bag (Remix)" feat. Cam'Ron, Vado [There Is No Competition 2]
In due time, let your semi spray, they kidnapped my slime
1998 McGruff "What Part of The Game" feat. Cam'Ron, I-Born, Panama P.I. [Destined To Be]
In case ya try to play Zeus, got the tray deuce
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1998-07-21 Cam'Ron "Glory" [Confessions of Fire]
Cam in the BM
2006-11-14 The Game "Why You Hate The Game" feat. Marsha Ambrosia, Nas [Doctor's Advocate]
Cam got shot inside his Lambo, it's ample
2012-03-23 Mac Miller "Ignorant" feat. Cam'Ron [Macadelic]
Just burn a dutch, and turn it up as I pass it off to Cam