cited at 8 senses as a primary artist, including:

2001 Camoflauge "Shitty Baby" [Strictly 4 Da Streets]
I'm slangin' tapes like them hookers slangin' they cut up
2000-06-06 Camoflauge "No Love" [I Represent]
Over dollar bets and dice niggas lose they life, ain't that shife
2001 Camoflauge "Real Shit" [Strictly 4 Da Streets]
See, these niggas playa hate me, but it's all gravy
2000-06-06 Camoflauge "Y'all Don't Want No Drama" [I Represent]
Throwin bows, gettin crunk, how niggas fightin and cussin
2001 Camoflauge "Fuck Friends" [Strictly 4 Da Streets]
Do you wanna roll wit me, hit a Optimo wit me
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origin: Savannah, Georgia, USA