Buddha Monk
Buddha Monk

cited at 112 senses as a primary artist, including:

2005-10-30 Buddha Monk "World Renown" feat. Crave, Floorless, Juice, Mello [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son]
A and B, C, I squeeze the D.E.
1998-10-20 Buddha Monk "Warrior Chiefs" feat. Babyface Fensta, Masta Killa, Poppa Chief, Shorty Shitstain, Zu Manchuz [The Prophecy]
Rhymes is falling like a bag of illy
2005-03-30 Buddha Monk "Hold Up" feat. C.C.F. Division [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 1: Throwbacks]
Never ice grill, ice on my chain give me chills
2006-04 Buddha Monk "Let The Games Begin" feat. 60 Second Assassin, Courvoisier, Free Murda [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 3: Unleash The Fury]
Haters ice grillin', stop fronting, before I pop something
2008-03-06 Buddha Monk "Bad Man Walking" feat. Cham [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk]
For all my niggas who be living ghetto fabulous
2005-10-30 Buddha Monk "City Without A Heart" feat. Dee, G-Note$, Grime, Menace, Ruggs McGusto [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son]
All them onion-head fuckas you call ya fam
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2008-06-24 RZA "Try Ya Ya Ya" feat. Buddha Monk [Digi Snacks]
It ain't a playground, I'm loyal, dedicated, always ready to throw down
2000-10-31 Popa Wu "Red Rum" feat. Babyface Finster, Buddha Monk, Delta One [Visions of The Tenth Chamber]
Ya hot like a shot with the 30-30
2009-11-24 Holocaust & American Poets 2099 "Introducing Chaos" feat. 60 Second Assassin, Buddha Monk, Dopestyle, Jus-P [Theatre of Pain]
Go hard in the paint, even if it kills me
2007-05-25 Lost Secret "Godz & Masonz" feat. Blakspik, Buddha Monk [Queens Hall of Science]
Roll on anything that try to move on our team
2006-07-17 Popa Chief "Rite There!" feat. Buddha Monk [Brain Food]
Super nigga dub looking right, merge a pack of Vegas
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