Brother Ali
Brother Ali

cited at 30 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-05-02 Brother Ali "Win Some Lose Some" [Shadows On The Sun]
Shit, nope, still swaggerin, still battle rappin
2004-05-11 Brother Ali "Chain Link" [Champion EP]
One dime sack in the time can climax
2009-03-10 Brother Ali "Talkin' My Shit" [The Truth Is Here]
Buttercup ain't tryin' to knuckle up
2009-03-10 Brother Ali "Talkin' My Shit" [The Truth Is Here]
2003-05-02 Brother Ali "Room With A View" [Shadows On The Sun]
In a location where slanging crack rock is not seen as a fuckin' recreation, but a vocation
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2007-12 Atmosphere "Crewed Up" feat. Blueprint, Brother Ali, Muja Messiah, Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Toki Wright, YZ [Strictly Leakage]
Walk over beats like DMC, three stripes
2004 Sage Francis "Doomage (Damage Remix)" feat. Brother Ali, Slug [Sickly Business]
What the dilly is? I'm unsure, but so sincerrr
2008-10-07 Jake One "The Truth" feat. Brother Ali, Freeway [White Van Music]
None of us is above scrappin my brother, so I don't judge nathan
2011-03-22 Classified "Maybe It's Just Me" feat. Brother Ali [Handshakes & Middle Fingers]
Nope, I don't say 'no homo'
2011-10-27 Immortal Technique "Civil War" feat. Brother Ali, Chuck D, Killer Mike [The Martyr]
You gotta recognize the realness in what I'm sayin
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origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA