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1993-05-25 Boss "Catch A Bad One" [Born Gangstaz]
I needed loot, so I said "Fuck it", and started pullin gank moves
1993-05-25 Boss "Progress of Elimination" [Born Gangstaz]
I'm out here on the cut, smokin' bud with macaroni
1993-05-25 Boss "Livin' Loc'D" feat. Sticky Fingaz [Born Gangstaz]
Cluckers kickin in their daisies 'n shit
1993-05-25 Boss "Deeper" feat. Papa Juggy [Born Gangstaz]
Gankin cluckers, jackin high, cappin marks
1993-05-25 Boss "Mai Sista Izza Bitch" feat. AMG [Born Gangstaz]
A sista straight up clownin ya, cause the niggaz ain't shit
1993-05-25 Boss "Comin' To Getcha" feat. Erick Sermon [Born Gangstaz]
Ain't no simps, and so the gang ain't simpin, it's a bitch thang
2006-02-28 Trae "From The South (Abn Remix)" feat. Boss, Jay'Ton, Z-Ro [Later Dayz]
Cop a new set of 83's and get my poke on
2001-08-28 Krayzie Bone "Thugga Level" feat. Boss [Thug On Da Line]
Scream "Fuck the world!" while I cuff my nuts
2007-01-23 Trae "White Bricks" feat. Boss [Tha Truth Show]
For trappers, that's all they know, and we gon shine it when the time is right
2006-02-28 Trae "What Can I Do" feat. Boss [Drama]
Put him in the middle of a 30-30 scope, and I'm buckin him down
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1993-05-25 Boss "I Don't Give A Fuck" [Born Gangstaz]
Big-ballin'-ass Boss takin' two to ya head with a sawed-off shotgun

origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA