cited at 4 senses as a primary artist, including:

1999 Bootleg "It's A Setup" [Death Before Dishonesty]
I'm bein followed by three niggaz in a Cutty
1999 Bootleg "Death Before Dishonesty" [Death Before Dishonesty]
Some say the game can make you change when you havin' thangs
1999 Bootleg "Ain't No Future" feat. MC Breed [Death Before Dishonesty]
Them 20s will cover plenty of ground when I'm in your town
1999 Bootleg "Fantasies" feat. Big Shawn, Sophia Taylor [Death Before Dishonesty]
Gettin' blunted, bendin' corners in the black 600

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2004-07-13 Project Deadman "Body Bag" [Self Inflicted]
I got the glocks cocked, and Bootleg got the buckshot

origin: Flint, Michigan, USA