Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

cited at 25 senses as a primary artist, including:

2014-10-30 Boosie Badazz "Here We Go Again" [Life After Deathrow]
Ian eat for a week when my main mane died
2015-05-26 Boosie Badazz "All I Know" feat. PJ [Touchdown 2 Cause Hell]
Now, millions to the ceiling, Ian tripping
2015-05-26 Boosie Badazz "On Deck" feat. Young Thug [Touchdown 2 Cause Hell]
Ian lost a street war yet, I'm a anybody killer
2015-05-26 Boosie Badazz "Retaliation" [Touchdown 2 Cause Hell]
Ian gon' lie, since he been gone, it's been so much pain
2015-05-26 Boosie Badazz "Kicking Clouds" [Touch Down 2 Cause Hell]
I smoke presidential
2017-05-05 Boosie Badazz "Who Do You Love" [My Favorite Mixtape]
Hit a hundred push-ups smokin that presidential
2015-05-26 Boosie Badazz "On Deck" feat. Young Thug [Touchdown 2 Cause Hell]
Who you playing with, partna, Ion think you know
2014-10-30 Boosie Badazz "Cruisin" feat. Yo Gotti [Life After Deathrow]
Ride like I'm in an old 'Lac on white wall
2014-10-30 Boosie Badazz "Facetime" feat. Trey Songz [Life After Deathrow]
There she go now, she all turnt up
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2015-02-20 Tyga & Chris Brown "Real One" feat. Boosie Badazz [Fan of a Fan: The Album]
Girl, you givin' me the screw face
2015-04-16 Young Thug "Can't Tell" feat. Boosie Badazz, T.I. [Barter 6]
ATL, call it XXL, cause we stay spittin' shells out a long magazine
2019-06-27 Rich Homie Quan "Skeletons" feat. Boosie Badazz [The Gif]
Watchin' the dope boys run it up, they gave me hope in the past
2014-09-02 Jeezy "Beez Like" feat. Boosie Badazz [Seen It All: The Autobiography]
When you knew shit was real? Drop outfit in the feds
2005-09-20 David Banner "Ain't Got Nothing" feat. Boosie Badazz, Magic [Certified]
Get yourself up in the club, stop reachin for my bank
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origin: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA