2005-02 Iron Mic "Bastardz Freestyle" feat. Apocalipps, Beno, Bless [12 Rounds, Vol. 1]
I'm known to pop off with the ox, and split ya shit
2004 Truck "Dump Camp" feat. Apocalipps, Bless, Daddyhore, Iron Mic [Planet of the Apes, Vol. 1]
I don't care if you peepin the D's, I'm still smoking
2005-02 Iron Mic "Right Now" feat. Apocalipps, Beno, Bless, Truck [12 Rounds, Vol. 1]
Fuck ya chain, I'm starving, I'ma snatch ya kicks
2005-02-03 Truck "Hurt, Hunger & Pain" feat. Bless [Hurt, Hunger, Pain]
These streets is a struggle, every day I got to hustle
2001-09-25 Guru "Never Ending Saga" feat. Bless, Lae-D Trigga [Baldhead Slick & Da Click]
Every day I'm on the ave. with my niggaz, totin mad guns
2005-02-03 Truck "Clubbin' Tonite" feat. Bless [Hurt, Hunger, Pain]
Liquor and mad weed, man, everywhere
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