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2005-10-03 Blackalicious "The Rise & Fall of Elliot Brown (Part I & II)" [The Craft]
Livin' to eat, man, I gurped in theses streets
1995-07-31 Blackalicious "Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind" [Melodica EP]
Ass is grass, and I'm the lawnmower
2005-10-03 Blackalicious "Rhythm Sticks" [The Craft]
Bammer crap is damned and banished
1999-06-22 Blackalicious "Rock The Spot" [A2G EP]
I'm cookin up a batch of dopeness like a good cook should
1999-06-22 Blackalicious "Back To The Essence" feat. Lateef [A2G EP]
Bringing that universal dopeness to the east and west coast
2005-10-03 Blackalicious "Rhythm Sticks" [The Craft]
Gallant cabbage grabbin'
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origin: Sacramento, California, USA