Biz Markie
Biz Markie

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1989-10-10 Biz Markie "A Thing Named Kim" [The Biz Never Sleeps]
Threw her the Kool-Aid smile and a dash of charm
1993-06-02 Biz Markie "Let Me Turn You On" [All Samples Cleared!]
When all the other fellas try to run that game on you
2003-11-18 Biz Markie "Throw Back" [Weekend Warrior]
Cause I wore a four-finger ring, and big gold chains
1989-10-10 Biz Markie "Things Get A Little Easier" [The Biz Never Sleeps]
Drivin a Benz, Jaguar and a Rolls
2003-11-18 Biz Markie "Friends" [Weekend Warrior]
We was goin out on the reg', movies and dinner
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1999-02-23 Prince Paul "Mr. Large" feat. Biz Markie, Chubb Rock, Sha [A Prince Among Thieves]
For every government nigga, there's government cheese
1991-02-19 Kid Capri "Lord's Party" feat. Biz Markie [The Tape]
Made you a fiend like a crackhead
1998-06-30 Def Squad "Rhymin Wit Biz" feat. Biz Markie [El Nino]
Some sucker duck MCs after my props
2007-03-27 Redman "Walk In Gutta" feat. Biz Markie, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray [Red Gone Wild]
I got sour diesel roll
1990-07-24 Master Ace "Me & The Biz" feat. Biz Markie [Take A Look Around]
Skeezing with a girl is something I get tricky
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1988-02-23 Biz Markie "Return of The Biz Dance" [Goin' Off]
Aiyyo, Biz, whattup?
1988-02-23 Biz Markie "Biz Is Goin' Off" [Goin' Off]
The Biz Mark is ah goin off
1988-06-21 Big Daddy Kane "Long Live The Kane" [Long Live The Kane]
That brother that used to rhyme on stage with Biz
1989-10-10 Biz Markie "Check It Out" [The Biz Never Sleeps]
Biz, the only way you're gonna get a BM is to get your education
1993-06-02 Biz Markie "Funk Is Back" [All Samples Cleared!]
Biz being wack? Get the bozack!
1993-06-02 Biz Markie "I'm Singin'" [All Samples Cleared!]
Yo, Biz, kick something funky for 'em, word up
1995-02-14 Tha Alkaholiks "Read My Lips" [Coast II Coast]
Mind your biz while I rhymes like Biz
1996-10-15 Jeru The Damaja "Me Or The Papes" [Wrath of The Math]
Back in the days Biz said it was the vapors
1997-08-19 Master P "Here We Go" feat. Fiend, Mystikal [I Miss My Homies]
Got more vapors than Biz Markie ever had
1998-11-10 Nationwide Rip Ridaz "Gangsta Boogie" [Betrayed (Can't Trust Nobody)]
Releasin' vapors on that ass like Biz
2003 Abstract Rude "Warlords of The Flies" [Battle Axe Warriors III]
Now they caught the vapors, thought they learned from Biz Mark
2005-06-19 The Game "Where I'm From" feat. Common, Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg [You Know What It Is, Vol. 3]
I am to gangsta rap what Biz Markie is to beatbox
2009-05-12 Cam'Ron "Cookin' Up" [Crime Pays]
Forget Biz Mark, he gonna catch more than them vapors
2012-02 Erick Sermon "Commander & Chief" feat. Daz Dillinger [Breath of Fresh Air]
Chicks catchin vapors but I ain't Biz

origin: Long Island, New York, USA