Big Tymers
Big Tymers

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2002-04-30 Big Tymers "Lil Mamma" feat. Lac [Hood Rich]
Me and Fresh at the light in S500 on dub deuces
2003-12-09 Big Tymers "Gangsta Girl" feat. R. Kelly [Big Money Heavyweight]
Not them fake-ass wanksta girls
1998-09-22 Big Tymers "Stun'n (Remix)" feat. Lil Wayne, Papa Reu [How You Luv That Vol. 2]
A helicopter, Benz, burban, and a lex bubble
1998-03-17 Big Tymers "Broads" [How You Luv That]
I'm a true U-P-T player for life, shit
1998-09-22 Big Tymers "Money & Power" [How You Luv That Vol. 2]
You better stay strapped rollin' in the UPT
2002-04-30 Big Tymers "Still Fly" [Hood Rich]
Got everything in my momma name, but I'm hood rich!
2002-04-30 Big Tymers "Pimpin'" [Hood Rich]
I'm hood rich, nigga, tell ya bitch to ask me
2003-12-09 Big Tymers "Got Everything" feat. Tateeze [Big Money Heavyweight]
Hood rich chicks with these ghettos and bricks
2003-12-09 Big Tymers "Big Money Heavyweight" [Big Money Heavyweight]
Hood rich stars, pushing fly-ass cars
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2000-12-19 Lil Wayne "Shine (Extended Remix)" feat. Big Tymers, Mack 10, Tha Capos [Shine]
I'm nasty and iced up, call me nicety
2001-12-04 Mack 10 "So Serious" feat. Big Tymers, Mickey [Bang Or Ball]
Skirr, donuts, I'm soooo serious
1996-02-26 B.G. "Niggas Don't Understand" feat. Big Tymers [Chopper City]
My people, baby, bout to bring us some heavy snow white
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Flossin Season" feat. B.G., Big Tymers [400 Degreez]
Gold slugs, stuntin' cause we got love
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2000-05-16 Big Tymers "Big Tymers" feat. B.G., Lac [I Got That Work]
Big Tymers got that work, got it in powder and got it hard
2000-05-16 Big Tymers "Big Tymers" feat. B.G., Lac [I Got That Work]
Big Tymers stunt very hard, drive the finest cars

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA