Big Rocc
Big Rocc
2009-10-31 MC Ren "Old Times" feat. Big Rocc, John Doe [Renincarnated]
See them cluckheads, I'm yellin' what the fuck up
2009-10-31 MC Ren "On My Dicc" feat. Big Rocc, Chip Dirty [Renincarnated]
Blow them wangsta dubs
2002-08-20 Tray Deee "I Can Make You Dance" feat. Big Rocc [The General's List]
From Long Beach to Crenshaw, Pomona to Compton
2009-10-31 MC Ren "John Doe" feat. Big Rocc, Chip Dirty [Renincarnated]
365 west coast killin' season
2009-10-31 MC Ren "Deadly" feat. Big Rocc, T-Bone [Renincarnated]
Spit lead, you'll get sprayed up and jaw get hit
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origin: Compton, California, USA