Big Pokey
Big Pokey

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2000-08-22 Big Pokey "On Choppers" feat. Big Moe [D Game 2000]
Look at dem niggas slangin elbows
2004-01-06 Big Pokey "Fire" feat. Bettye, Lyrical 187, Mr. 3-2 [A Bad Azz Mix Tape III]
Got elbows of weed, I'm bagging my grass
2000-08-22 Big Pokey "Look Twice" feat. Lil' O [D Game 2000]
My body ice cold, cause my piece full of flakes
2004-01-06 Big Pokey "Do Our Thang" feat. Chamillionaire, Mussilini [A Bad Azz Mix Tape III]
Don't be in the gangsta bidness, you lil' wanksta niggaz
2004-01-06 Big Pokey "Cash" feat. H.A.W.K., Lyrical 187 [A Bad Azz Mix Tape III]
Still put it down, still don't bar
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "Let Dem Boys Know" feat. Lil' Keke, Paul Wall [Evacuation Notice]
83's and 84's definitely ain't the same thang
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2005-03-22 Screwed Up Click "Pop Your Trunk" feat. Big Pokey, Drastic, H.A.W.K., Lil' Keke [Making History]
We represent for 2-8-1, cause my niggaz, that's what it do
2005 Screwed Up Click "Holla At Son" feat. Big Pokey, H.A.W.K., Mike D [Straight Wreckin: The S.U.C. Mixtape Vol. 1]
Passing by haters in my brand new Crentley
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "Put Yo Hood Up" feat. Big Pokey, Jay'Ton [Year of The Underdawgs]
Creased out and we rocked, for hatas we glocked up
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2000-08-22 Big Pokey "On Choppers" feat. Big Moe [D Game 2000]
I put it down wit my kid Po, yo, on the low low

origin: Houston, Texas, USA