Big Mike
Big Mike

cited at 42 senses as a primary artist, including:

1994-06-25 Big Mike "On Da Real" [Somethin' Serious]
I'm rollin Daytons or maybe even elbows
1995-08-10 Big Mike "Havin Thangs" [Dangerous Minds Soundtrack]
Laid up with elbows and Vogues
1995-08-10 Big Mike "Havin Thangs" [Dangerous Minds Soundtrack]
Laid up with elbows in Vogues
1994-06-25 Big Mike "Creepin, Rollin" [Somethin' Serious]
I rather not waste my time, I just mash out
2009-08-04 Big Mike "You Niggas Ain't Holdin'" [Serious As Can Be]
Whippin' Cadillacs way back when before them rims start spinnin
1999-10-05 Big Mike "Southern Comfort Remix" feat. Mystikal [Realest Niggaz Down South]
It goes on ri' chea
1994-06-25 Big Mike "Comin From The Swamp" [Somethin' Serious]
Clock a big fat grip and break off the proper thangs
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2006-07-11 Pimp C "Havin' Thangs '06" feat. Big Mike [Pimpalation]
Work that magic, collect that cabbage, I gots ta have it
1998-03-03 Scarface "In My Blood" feat. Big Mike, DMG, Yukmouth [My Homies]
In the kitchen bakin up Peruvian flake
2007 Nicki Minaj "Playtime Is Over" feat. Big Mike [Playtime Is Over]
I body bitches, I don't need a burna
1994-05-10 South Central Cartel "Gang Stories" feat. 3-2, Big Mike ['N Gatz We Truss]
I took em for a 211
2008-07-22 Big Pokey "The Way I Live" feat. Big Mike, Mr. 3-2 [Evacuation Notice]
What you expect, from a nigga growing up in the 'jects
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1994-06-25 Big Mike "Somethin Serious" [Somethin' Serious]
Just another hype thing comin from Big Mike, mayne

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA