Big L
Big L

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1995-03-08 Big L "Put It On" feat. Kid Capri [Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous]
Peace to my homies in the gangsta lean, I see you when I get there
2000-11-28 Big L "Still Here" feat. C-Town [Lyricist Lounge 2]
Act illy, get smacked silly with the mac-milli
1998 Big L "Ebonics" [Ebonics / Size 'Em Up]
Cocaine is nose candy, cigarettes is bones
2000-11-28 Big L "Still Here" feat. C-Town [Lyricist Lounge 2]
Pack a three-pound, that's my prerog' like B. Brown
1995-03-08 Big L "All Black" [Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous]
Catch a buckshot to your dome-piece
2003 Children of The Corn "Harlem Nights" feat. Big L [Children of The Corn]
I'ma smoke Pataki's ass and Rudolph Giuli' like a woolie
2000-02-22 D.I.T.C. "Way of Life" feat. Armaggedon, Big L, Fat Joe [D.I.T.C.]
You frontin hard cuz you whip a Range
2003 Lord Finesse "You Know What I'm About (Original Version)" feat. Big L [From The Crates To The Files... The Lost Sessions]
For those who refuse, I squeeze the uz and light them fools up
1992-09-22 Showbiz & A.G. "Represent" feat. Big L, D'Shawn, Lord Finesse [Runaway Slave]
So I got money, dunn, they wet him and his honey-bun
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2000-06-06 Big L "On The Mic" [Flamboyant]
L tryin to have the city on lock
2005-06-28 Cassidy "On The Grind" [I'm A Hustla]
Dog, I got the best punch lines since Big L was alive