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2018-09-06 Berner "RICO" [RICO]
You know the RICO is comin' for us soon
2013-10-10 Berner "Racin'" [Drugstore Cowboy]
Someone tell these bops, I do not need 'em
2018-11-11 Berner "Scars" [11/11]
Hard white in a real long flight was my only hype 'til I almost lost it all twice
2011-04-19 Berner "No Middle Man" feat. J. Stalin [The White Album]
State to state, all the D-Boys gotta feel us
2011-04-19 Berner "So Much" feat. Ampichino, Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe [The White Album]
D boy all my life, I just started rappin'
2016-04-01 Berner "Home" [Hempire]
Ex D-boy still roll real weed here
2018-01-15 Berner "Flex" [The Big Pescado]
I'ma end up in the feds
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2015-05-22 Dizzy Wright "I Can Tell You Needed It" feat. Berner [The Growing Process]
Illadelph, bong hits, let the bubble melt
2019-03-15 Dizzy Wright "I Made Sure" feat. Berner, Curren$y [Nobody Cares, Work Harder]
Diamond bezel on the Presidential
2012-10-16 Wiz Khalifa "G.F.U." feat. Berner, Juicy J [G.F.U.]
Sour diesel got me swervin
2014-03-25 Sage the Gemini "Give It Up" feat. Berner, P-Lo [Remember Me]
Rollie on my wrist, sit on chrome feet
2014-05-13 Iamsu! "What You 'Bout" feat. Berner, Wiz Khalifa [Sincerely Yours]
Yeah, gold rings, gold chains, mayne
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