Beretta 9
Beretta 9
2008-06-24 RZA "Love Is Digi Pt. II" feat. Beretta 9, Crisis [Digi Snacks]
I'm just a young man, head smart, cockstrong
2008-06-24 RZA "Up Again" feat. Beretta 9, El Debarge, George Clinton, Rakeem Diggs, The Reverend William Burk, Talani Rabb [Digi Snacks]
I quit slinging that yac, don't need the feds on us
2008 9th Prince "We Supreme" feat. Beretta 9, Dom Pachino [Prince of New York]
The lyrics or the chorus, I bum rush like Boris Zhukov
2003-10-07 RZA "Chi Kung" feat. Beretta 9, Cilvaringz, Feathers [Birth of A Prince]
Spit like the Calico, welcome to the Alamo
2007-01-30 RZA "Take Sword Pt. 1" feat. Beretta 9 [Afro Samurai The Soundtrack]
I'm trump tight, you better go home and cuddle, boy
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