Bad Azz
Bad Azz

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2001-07-17 Bad Azz "How We Get Down" feat. Doggy's Angels, Latoiya Williams [Personal Business]
I can't quit, I'm off the hizzle wit this kinda shit
2001-07-17 Bad Azz "Streetz Illustrated" feat. Ice Cube [Personal Business]
We here to claim our own gold Daytonas
2001-07-17 Bad Azz "U Don't Wanna Be Broke" [Personal Business]
We wear Chuck Taylors, nigga we don't fuck with Timb boots
2001-07-17 Bad Azz "We From The LBC" feat. Snoop Dogg [Personal Business]
Punk me, what you say, we don't waste time, we drop proper
2001-07-17 Bad Azz "Life Ain't Never What It Seems To Be" [Personal Business]
We got the ghetto bird, sheriff's, and the sea shores
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1998-09-22 Ras Kass "Grindin" feat. Bad Azz, Da Nation [Rasassination]
I be doin my thug dizzo, that's for shizzo
2001-07-31 Tha Eastsidaz "Gang Bang 4 Real" feat. Bad Azz [Duces 'n Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way]
Uh-huh, it's off the hizzy
1998-09-22 Ras Kass "Grindin" feat. Bad Azz, Da Nation [Rasassination]
Still got five on it, stress, don't get it twisted
2001-07-31 Soopafly "Everyday" feat. Bad Azz, Lil' C-Style, Tray Deee [Dat Whoopty Woop]
Smoke a quarter or a half, fuck a cheap dime sack
2007-03-27 Tha Dogg Pound "Where U From" feat. Bad Azz [Dogg Chit]
West coast for life, you know I'm raised off hydraulics
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1996-11-05 Makaveli "Krazy" feat. Bad Azz [The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory]
1998-09-29 Bad Azz "We Be Puttin It Down" feat. Snoop Dogg [Word On Tha Streets]
Never pause on my feet, I'm D-P-G, L-B-C, me and B-A-D

origin: Long Beach, California, USA