a.k.a. Birdman

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2002-11-26 Baby "Ghetto Life" feat. Cam'Ron, Lil Wayne [Birdman]
Just a hoodrich nigga flippin' birds on a bike
2002-11-26 Baby "Fly Away" feat. TQ [Birdman]
The hood rich nigga, money tall as all
2002-11-26 Baby "Ms. Bird" feat. Mannie Fresh [Birdman]
What that tattoo on your tittie say, "hood rich"
2002-11-26 Baby "Looks Like A Job 4..." [Birdman]
I ball like a dawg, hood rich forever
2002-11-26 Baby "Baby You Can Do It" feat. Toni Braxton [Birdman]
Broads on my yacht wit they Gucci and proper, hood rich, I'm sellin that
2002-11-26 Baby "Keeps Spinnin'" feat. Bizzy, Mannie Fresh, Mikkey, Petey Pablo, T.I. [Birdman]
On my lap that Desert weighing 'bout five pounds
2002-11-26 Baby "Fly In Any Weather" feat. Jazze Pha [Birdman]
See, I come through flossed out, sippin' some Cris'
2002-11-26 Baby "Ms. Bird" feat. Mannie Fresh [Birdman]
So grab a nigga dick, bitch, drop it like it's hot
2002-11-26 Baby "Ghetto Life" feat. Cam'Ron, Lil Wayne [Birdman]
I act a damn fool, when I'm full of that white
2002-11-26 Baby "I Got To" feat. Lil Wayne [Birdman]
Pop Cris, smoke dro, and get that white
1999-09-14 Project Pat "Ballers (Remix)" feat. Baby, Hot Boy$, Three 6 Mafia [Ghetty Green]
Now we back up in the hood on a burner phone
2000-10-10 E-40 "Flamboastin'" feat. Baby [Loyalty & Betrayal]
Straight flamboast, that's what we do
2003-10-21 Ginuwine "Hell Yeah (Remix)" feat. Baby, Clipse, R. Kelly [Hell Yeah]
This is what ya call presidential cake up
2009-12-08 Gucci Mane "Wasted (Remix)" feat. Baby, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne [The State Vs. Radric Davis]
Poppin Dom P, iced out my baby girl
1995 Tec-9 "Local 580 Burn 'Em Like A Bitch" feat. Baby, B.G., Kilo-G, Lil Ya, Mannie Fresh [Straight From Tha Ramp!!]
That VL street, that whole lil' posse, that Mac, Melph, Calio
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2000-11-21 B.G. "Run With My Chopper" [Checkmate]
I'm a fool, Baby handed me my first tool
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "By My Side" [Family Business]
Won't be like Baby and Lil Wayne, see I'ma keep it real, mayne
2013-06-14 J. Cole "Chaining Day" [Born Sinner]
Iced-out crazy, I wanna shine like Baby