Baby Bash
Baby Bash

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2003-09-23 Baby Bash "Early In The Morning" [Tha Smokin' Nephew]
Y'all some hater in my mix, get out my Kool Aid
2011-03-17 Baby Bash "Swanananana" feat. Da Stooie Bros., Slim Thug [Bashtown]
I'm talkin' 'bout the sticky icky sack of Mary Jane
2003-09-23 Baby Bash "Don't Disrespect My Mind" feat. Low-G [Tha Smokin' Nephew]
Cock-strong, pretty boy, but don't get it twisted
2003-09-23 Baby Bash "Early In The Morning" [Tha Smokin' Nephew]
Chorizo con huevos, mayne, it's off the hizzle
2005-03-15 Baby Bash "Step In The Club" feat. Grimm, Lucky Luciano, Rasheed [Super Saucy]
Roll the fatty, jump in the ride, and disappear like Makaveli
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2011 Frost "Love (Ya Betta Wake Up)" feat. Baby Bash, Tino Cochino [All Oldies]
She a little wild thang
2006-10-03 South Park Mexican "Dope House Family" feat. Baby Bash, Juan Gotti [When Devils Strike]
Remember me in the Hustle town
2000-12-12 South Park Mexican "Oh My My" feat. Baby Bash [Time Is Money]
For my raza, anyone else no tienen chanza
2007 Lil Rob "Get Your Feria" feat. Baby Bash [Uncut For The Calles Mextape Vol. Uno]
With a saucy flow and a trill solo, cause they be loving that ish
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2005-03-15 Baby Bash "Better Than I Can Tell Ya" feat. A-Wax, Richie Rich, Russell Lee [Super Saucy]
Cop, then blow a zip with Bash

origin: Vallejo, California, USA