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1991 B.W.P. "Two Minute Brother" [The Bytches]
We can get busy, but jimmy wear a raincoat
1991 B.W.P. "Hit Man" [The Bytches]
I'll take him for a ride to cop in the park
1991 B.W.P. "A Different Category" [The Bytches]
We Audi 5000, motherfucker
1991 B.W.P. "Comin' Back Strapped" [The Bytches]
I put the jammy in my pocketbook
1991 B.W.P. "Shit Popper" [The Bytches]
I like hard motherfuckers, the niggaz that push the dope
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1991 B.W.P. "We Want Money" [The Bytches]