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2008-04-22 Atmosphere "Like The Rest of Us" [When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold]
Hungry puppy had to learn how to front and swagger
2011-04-12 Atmosphere "Millennium Dodo 2" [The Family Sign]
Showed up with a deuce-deuce of swill
2005-01-04 Atmosphere "Dubs" [Headshots: Se7en]
So retreat before the barge comes to street sweep
2007-12 Atmosphere "That's Not Beef, That's Pork" [Strictly Leakage]
It's alright man, get yourself a hype man
2007-12 Atmosphere "Crewed Up" feat. Blueprint, Brother Ali, Muja Messiah, Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Toki Wright, Yz [Strictly Leakage]
Walk over beats like DMC, three stripes
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origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA