Ant Banks
Ant Banks

cited at 80 senses as a primary artist, including:

1994-05-10 Ant Banks "Streets of Oakland" feat. Boots [The Big Badass]
There's a lot of fake, counterfeit macks playa hating on they homies
1995-10-24 Ant Banks "No Time Fa Bs" [Do Or Die]
Stop playa hatin' on me
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Can't Stop" feat. E-40, Mack 10 [Big Thangs]
Causin havoc, sparkin up chaos, bringin the ruckus
1993 Ant Banks "2 The Head" [Sittin' On Somethin' Phat]
Probably at the corner, drinkin' Olde E, slangin' d
1998-02-26 Ant Banks "Parlayin'" feat. Goldy [The Best Of Ant Banks]
Why can't I ride my old-school
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Can't Stop" feat. E-40, Mack 10 [Big Thangs]
365, seven days, I believe crack pays
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Fien" feat. Allfrumtha I [Big Thangs]
Bitches, switches and hydraulics, and we won't quit
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1992-08-25 Pooh-Man "Fuckin Wit Dank" feat. Ant Banks [Life of A Criminal]
Old school partnas from juvenile hall
1996-06-25 Spice 1 "Check Ya Self" feat. 187-Fac, Ant Banks, Celly Cel, Gangsta P [America Is Dying Slowly]
Smokin' on the twamp sack that she bought
2002-10-27 Too $hort "Cali-O" feat. Ant Banks, B-Legit, Dwayne Wiggins, E-40 [What's My Favorite Word?]
The Valley Joe, know it when you smell it, hit it, inhale the blow
1993-10-23 Too $hort "All My Bitches Are Gone" feat. Ant Banks [Get In Where You Fit In]
Gotta get some new hoes, some old school bitches that's still ridin' Trues and Vogues
1995-01-24 Too $hort "Givin Up The Funk" feat. Ant Banks, MC Breed [Cocktails]
I'm ready to slide my dick in something hot and wet as you
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1992-07-14 Too $hort "Somethin To Ride To" feat. Dangerous Crew [Shorty The Pimp]
I got my partner Ant Banks sittin on something real phat

origin: Oakland, California, USA