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2002-05-20 Afu-Ra "Lyrical Monster" [Life Force Radio]
Pullin' my axe out, do a M.O.P. mash out
2000-11-06 Afu-Ra "Warfare" feat. M.O.P. [Body of The Life Force]
Mashin out crews of bad dudes for nothin
2000-11-06 Afu-Ra "Caliente" feat. Rasheedah [Body of The Life Force]
You know the chicas want that papi chulo flavor
2005-07-04 Afu-Ra "Sucka Free" [State of The Arts]
When I step up in the studio, rollin' dolo
2000-11-06 Afu-Ra "Bring It Right" [Body of The Life Force]
If you wanna pop the bubb', gimme a clue
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2002-05-20 Afu-Ra "Crossfire" feat. M.O.P. [Life Force Radio]
Murdering tracks with Afu, rigidy black