cited at 25 senses as a primary artist, including:

2004-04-20 Afroman "Ghetto Memories" [Afroholic... The Even Better Times]
Cluck-heads walking up and down the block
2000-06-20 Afroman "Girls" [Because I Got High]
I like the girls, you know why? Cause I'm a locsta
2001-08-28 Afroman "Mississippi" [The Good Times]
I'm a locsta, locsta
2004-04-20 Afroman "Whack Rappers" [Afroholic... The Even Better Times]
Bust shitty lyrics that whick whick wack
2001-08-28 Afroman "Tumbleweed" [The Good Times]
Jerry with the high top fade left Palmdale, but he still gettin paid
2001-08-28 Afroman "Tall Cans" [The Good Times]
I think she was embarrassed with the eight ball in my cup
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