Action Bronson
Action Bronson

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2013-06-11 Action Bronson "The Rockers" feat. Wiz Khalifa [SAAAB Stories produced by Harry Fraud]
Straight from Flushing, man, we known for using chopsticks
2013-11-01 Action Bronson "9.24.13" feat. Big Body Bes [Blue Chips 2]
And If there's anything left after that, I'll cop a six
2013-11-01 Action Bronson "Flip Ya" feat. Retchy P [Blue Chips 2]
I twist the spliff while I sit in the six
2011-03-14 Action Bronson "Forbidden Fruit" [Dr. Lecter]
Light the candle, and I'ma light another dutch
2011-03-14 Action Bronson "Moonstruck" [Dr. Lecter]
Give a couple bucks, let me live, puff a dutch
2015-03-23 Action Bronson "City Boy Blues" feat. Chauncey Sherod [Mr. Wonderful]
No 808, I'm barely standing
2011-03-14 Action Bronson "Barry Horowitz" [Dr. Lecter]
I'm out here gettin it for real, while you motherfuckers filibust'
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2013-06-18 Statik Selektah "Reloaded" feat. Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, Pain In Da Ass, Termanology, Tony Touch [Extended Play]
It's live from Bushwick, boom-bap rap, yep, back on that hood shit
2011-07-26 Wu-Tang Clan "Meteor Hammer" feat. Action Bronson, Termanology [Legendary Weapons]
When I click-clack, now, get up on the ground
2013-04-30 Chance The Rapper "NaNa" feat. Action Bronson, Hannibal Buress [Acid Rap]
2013-01-15 A$AP Rocky "1 Train" feat. Action Bronson, Big K.R.I.T., Danny Brown, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf [Long. Live. A$AP]
Flying duck, nothing but a buckshot
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2011-03-14 Action Bronson "Barry Horowitz" [Dr. Lecter]
2014-10-20 Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Knicks (Remix)" feat. Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Ransom [Knicks Remix EP]
The hoochies wanna do me now, Don Bronson