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2006-10-31 A.G. "We Don't Care" [Get Dirty Radio]
Off the hizzy, up in V-A like I'm Missy
1999-09-21 A.G. "All Eye Seeing" [The Dirty Version]
I seen Dapper Dan every week in '88, Trigger on the V-I, just the other day
2006-10-31 A.G. "Yeah Nigga" [Get Dirty Radio]
Now over here we got a hellafied bomb
2006-10-31 A.G. "Triumph" [Get Dirty Radio]
The same thing minus the four-finger name ring
1999-09-21 A.G. "Muddslide" feat. D-Flow, Hehdkrack, Party Arty [The Dirty Version]
We smoke tons of Dutches or Garcia Vegas, my squad be in Vegas while y'all bein haters
2004-07-27 Chief Kamachi "The Meanin'" feat. A.G. [Cult Status]
From shell tops doin' the hell bop to corporate stacks
1990-06-07 Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth "Keep It Flowing" feat. A.G. [Funky Technician]
Thought you could bumrush, but you had to retreat, though
1993-08-24 Illegal "On Da M.I.C." feat. A.G., Lord Finesse [The Untold Truth]
Give out propers to the real hip-hoppers
2000 Mykill Miers "Straight Dirt" feat. A.G., Ghetto Dwellas [It's Been A Long Time Coming]
Hypnotic, I gets it jumpin like hydraulics
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