504 Boyz
504 Boyz

cited at 60 senses as a primary artist, including:

2000-05-02 504 Boyz "Thug Girl 2" [Goodfellas]
Where the thug girls at, out that 504
2000-05-02 504 Boyz "D-Game" [Goodfellas]
Nigga, this motherfuckin 504 shit deep
2002-12-10 504 Boyz "Yeah Yeah" feat. Slay Sean, Young Blaze [Ballers]
In that 5-0-4, flip it, drop the o
2000-05-02 504 Boyz "Roll Roll" feat. Krazy [Goodfellas]
He didn't listen, he'd rather stuff his nose with furl
2002-12-10 504 Boyz "Holla" [Ballers]
Wrap it up in ziplock, bag it up as furl
2000-05-02 504 Boyz "Enemies" feat. X-Con [Goodfellas]
We loced up, and we still on a mission
2005-11-08 504 Boyz "D-Boys" [Hurricane Katrina: We Gon' Bounce Back]
Got onions, got slabs, got cookies, got creams
2000-05-02 504 Boyz "D-Game" [Goodfellas]
I'm out that 504 to that CP3
2000-05-02 504 Boyz "Uptown" [Goodfellas]
I hit the spliff, pass the twirk, and yell CP3
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origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA