The 49Ers
The 49Ers

cited at 21 senses as a primary artist, including:

2007 The 49Ers "The Livest" [State of The Art]
Talking shiznit could have your family paying visits to your bedside
2007 The 49Ers "Earth's Rotation" [State of The Art]
A non-conformist who be thinking with his own mind, 24-7, 365
2007 The 49Ers "Why I Don't Know" feat. Harun Karim [State of The Art]
Why's she skeezin' this season, I don't know
2007 The 49Ers "Can You Feel That" feat. Doe [State of The Art]
Surrounded by hood-rats, pimps, pushers, and trash
2007 The 49Ers "Breath of Fresh Air" [State of The Art]
Flowing in computers on retarded-ass beats
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origin: Newark, Delaware, USA