3rd Bass
3rd Bass

cited at 54 senses as a primary artist, including:

1991-06-18 3rd Bass "Herbalz In Your Mouth" [Derelicts of Dialect]
Skins are playin nicety behind me
1989-10-23 3rd Bass "Wordz of Wizdom" [The Cactus Album]
Bitch on my tip, I get busy, and I ride her
1990 3rd Bass "The Gas Face (Remix)" feat. Prince Paul [The Cactus Revisited]
1991-06-18 3rd Bass "Portrait of The Artist As A Hood" [Derelicts of Dialect]
Money-makin Strong Island
1991-06-18 3rd Bass "Herbalz In Your Mouth" [Derelicts of Dialect]
A 40-dog, breakfast of champs
1991-06-18 3rd Bass "No Master Plan No Master Race" [Derelicts of Dialect]
Swingin low on supremacy's corpse
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1991-04-09 Chubb Rock "Bring 'Em Home Safely" feat. 3rd Bass, Red Hot Lover Tone [The One]
Cries of "Wait, please wait, wiggity-wait", but Kuwait won't wait

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2000-03-14 Dead Prez "They Schools" [Let's Get Free]
Right around the time 3rd Bass dropped The Cactus Album