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Any entry consists of a headword, part of speech, & one or more senses.

A sense is a meaning of a word. Dope, for example, has at least two senses:

1. drugs, as in:

All I love's my dope and dead presidents


2. good, exciting, etc., as in:

Bear witness to the dopest fuckin rhyme I wrote

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about etymology, synonyms, collocates, etc.:

Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1890s
Domains drugs, marijuana
Related concepts hustle, product, push, serve, slang, sling, supply, trap, trapper, weight, work
Collocates slang12, pusher12, coke7, ends4, game4, crack4, po-po4, hood4, lean3, sling3, ecstasy3, fiend3, gangsta3, slanger3, weed2, uncut2, on the cut2, on the daily2, rapper2, ride2, triple beam2, baby mama2, biatch2, blow2, chronic2, corner2, fiend2, four finger ring2, fuck with2, gangbanger2, gank2, H-town2, indo2, O.G.2, hoe2, smoke2, cook2, block2, gangbang, ghost, go hard, guap, Hen, hit, ill, in the cut, keep it real, loc'd, manteca, nathan, paid, piff, powder, projects, proper, purp, raw, rhyme, rocked up, rope, sawed-off, serve, sherm, show out, sizzurp, -iggity, smoke, spark up, straight, swag, swanga, talk shit, 3-wheel, toast, trey deuce, U.P.T., wet, whip, wool, X, X.O., brah, ghetto, ki, one-time, raw, rhyme sayer, sess, spliff, twisted, chop, 5th Ward, all about, babysit, back in the day, Backwoods, bang, banger, bank, bird, bitch, bread, brick, bug, Calliope, cane, charge it to the game, chief, chill, cluck, come up, cop, crackhead, d-game, dead president, dog food, doja, drop, ese

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