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Atlanta, Georgia
Categories Locations
Collocates H-town4, represent4, rep3, put it down2, ride2, club2, straight2, hoe2, block, Chi-town, come up, corner, crunk, D-town, digits, dope-boy, dough, down, dro, feel, finna, floss, fuck with, gangsta, hit a lick, homie, hood, it's on, yayo, on lock, peace out, pimp, rapper, shorty, shorty, swats, the Bay, throw, triple O.G., V.A., what's crackin', yo, I'mma, representer, down, player, stomp, 6, A-town stomp, about, A.T.L., bitch, bitch
Derivatives A-town stomp
Region Dirty South
Holonyms Dirty South
Synonyms ATL, Hotlanta, the A

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