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Atlanta, Georgia;
people hailing from or representing Atlanta
Categories Abbreviations, Locations
Collocates H-town7, Chi-town5, M.I.A.4, ride3, player2, ball2, fuck with2, hoe2, honey2, bout it2, roll2, thug2, weed2, De Ville, digits, drop-top, G, grass, hard, A-town, about, holla at, what the deal, make it rain, jack, cop, crib, bitch, bitch, bow, bubba kush, hater, Illtown, it's on, yayo, mail, make moves, O, O.G., parlay, Philly, pound, push, represent, rider, roll out, shorty, the Bay, trap, what it do, yay, yo, soldier, off the hook, sling, shook, A-town stomp, freak, hood, shell, spit, bird, buck, bump, come up, crunk
Region Dirty South
Synonyms A-town, Hotlanta, the A

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