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a 9 millimeter handgun
Categories Numbers, Weapons
Collocates tote15, glock13, vest8, clip7, strapped6, Mac6, TEC5, spit4, shotty4, pack4, four pound4, uzi4, 454, AK3, 443, let off3, gat3, pop3, deuce deuce2, phat2, muffler2, clap2, let off2, body2, hoodie2, son2, round2, thug2, pump2, dump2, clip2, fuck with2, 12-gauge2, roll2, slug2, lick off, -iggity, llama, loc'd out, MAC-10, mack, mad, nose candy, on the under, one-time, oowop, pound, QB, QBC, ride, rocked up, sack, sawed-off, in the cut, shit, shit, shorty, slip, spray, squab, stack, static, steel, strap, street, swang, hoe, TEC-9, thick, thug, trap, trey deuce, tryna, 24-7, V.I., Vega, word up, yac, yo, zip, crew, gang, gangsta, homie, hype, illy, jump off, keep it real, kick, trey pound, gauge, G, crib, chopper, D, squad, 40, 8, bust, fly, bang, heat, hollow-point, on the reg, steelo, chrome, mean-mug, buck, heater, nickel nine, chronic, tool, rhyme, and shit, block, ride, throw up, cream, mine, SK, Calico, Desert Eagle, AK-47, uz, on the grind, chillin' like a villain, trip, dump, four fifth, blast, B.G., D's, three pound seven, 5-0, 40, front, 5000, 7:30, 187, ayo, as fuck, bammer, barre, Benzo, biatch, biscuit, bitch, bling, buckshot, bumba claat, bust, bust a cap, bwoy, cake, cavi, chain, chill, dime, dog, dome, fed, flex, D, crab, ghetto, go off, gun-clapper, hammer, -ass, head
Derivatives nina
Etymology Derives from 9 mm
Related concepts 44, glock

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